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We are dedicated technologists and seasoned crypto veterans.  We have a Radix OG and others who stumbled upon the technology after years in crypto, realized the potential, and dived in head first. 

Our team ran two separate, independent betanet nodes, so we know how to do it right.

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Low Fees:  1.5% validator fee means 98.5% of emissions go to our stakers.

High Confidence:  We don't cash our our earnings to pay for our node, because we know keeping it long term will be worth it.

Personal Stake:  We have over 750k of our own Radix tokens staked on our node.  If we can't have confidence in our product, neither can you.

High Uptime:  We take your trust seriously.  We have redundancy and automation to ensure issues are resolved quickly, and downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Top tier infrastructure:  This isn't your weird cousin's basement node.  We run our validator in a world class public cloud, with enterprise monitoring and DDOS protection in place, because that's the attention it deserves.

About: About Us
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