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Partner Announcement

We're happy to announce that our validator is registered as a partner of Ociswap. This means that all of our current stakers will be eligible for the Ociswap airdrop in December 2021.

From Ociswap:

It's time to introduce you to a new community project: "Ociswap" Ociswap will be the first decentralized exchange (dex) native to Radix. We launch on Babylon day ZERO. We will also integrate a token creator which allows literally anyone to launch their project directly on Ociswap. And a tool to generate revenue through Oci while ensuring liquidity for the platform. We decided to go Radix exclusive, because we want to deliver the best user experience possible. Running native, without compromise, on the major defi platform of the future, standing on the shoulders of giants. The team consists of Florian (Florian Pieper Staking), Marco (Radix German), Lukas (Staatenlos Node) and Christoph (Staatenlos Node). Together with you and the Oci Cat we want to show all the doges, shibas and other dogs what the cat world has to offer. Meow! For promotion we are launching our "Ocinode" validator with a 0% fee which not only provides attention in the Top 100, but will also ring in the airdrop. However, everyone who stakes on any Radix validator will get sweet Oci coins (as long as they are registered), but stakers of "Florian Pieper Staking", "Staatenlos Node ", "Ocinode" and partner nodes get a bonus for the airdrop of the new shiny Oci coins. More information about the tokemonics and details below. If you want to join us in this project, support us with marketing, or actively promote the project as a team member follow us at Telegram: Twitter:

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